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Keep my number while I'm away from China.

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All services were done in a way that made me very happy and very satisfied.
Bailey H.
Super fast delivery. Activation of SIM card worked like a charm. Thank you. I highly recommend Nihao Mobile.
Ashley S.
During my 9-month vacation in my country, I lost my Chinese card! Good thing Nihao Mobile can deliver while in quarantine and the registration/activation process is so easy.
This sim card is ESSENTIAL if you have to travel/work to China during Covid-19 and do not have a valid Chinese local phone number already. Chinese phone number is necessary when you are in China. Highly recommend.
Stewart F.
I got my Card VERY SOON and activated it. Thank you for the fast, good and easy Service. You guys are really amazing.
Excellent service. The employees do their work efficiently. Excellent plans with no contract commitment. Nihao Mobile is both safe and convenient.
I am always struggling with mobile phone company in China because I travel too much. I don't have to worry about that anymore since I am with Nihao Mobile.
It was very easy to setup, and it has decent coverage in China. When the product arrives, just follow the instruction on WeChat account to activate it, and it's done! I've always tried to get a SIM card in China other ways, this is so far the easiest and an inexpensive way to get connected.
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Got questions?

  • What is Nihao Mobile?
    Nihao Mobile is a Chinese MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) only serving expats living in China.
  • What does Nihao Mobile provide?
    Nihao Mobile provides 4G SIM card which can be used permanently.
  • How can I buy & receive a Nihao SIM?
    You can head to Our Offer to Our Offer to choose preferred plan(s) and then make an order.

    Once you order and pay successfully, we'll handle your order and then deliver it to your address using SF express. The delivery man will head to your door and give you the parcel.
  • What kind of payment methods does Nihao Mobile support?
    Nihao Mobile supports WeChat Pay, Alipay and PayPal.
  • I'm under quarantined now and unallowed to go out to catch a parcel. How can I get a Nihao SIM card?
    Of course yes. You can make an order directly. Then we'll deliver it to your address.
  • How can I activate a Nihao SIM?
    When you receive a Nihao SIM card, you can
    1. Search, follow and then enter "Nihao Mobile" WeChat Official Account on your WeChat. Then click "Buy&Activate" - "Activate your SIM".
    2. Or you can head here to complete your activation.

    Keep in mind - You can just activate SIM cards on your phone or tablet.
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